is an online marketplace open to the general public. We do not edit, review, screen or review contents posted on our website. Neighther are we in a position to investigate advertisers and users of our services. It is the responsibility of users to take all necessary precautions and carry out all necessary checks to satisfy themselves of the genuiness of adverts, advertisers or respondents before entering into any transaction or dealing.


We however provide safety guidelines to help users use our website safely. We strongly recommend that all users aquaint themselves with the following safety tips when using our services.


(1) Deal Locally

We advise that you respond to adverts or deal with people close to your area where you can meet face-to-face, inspect whatever is on offer before handing out money. Your meeting should be in a conspicuous well-lit public place where lots of people are arround. Do not meet in secluded places! Do not go alone! Always go with one or two people and let your family or aquaintance know where you are going. Avoid meeting in their home if you are not renting or buying a property.


(2) Parting with money/making payments

We do not provide buyer protection or safe payment services as we are completely not involved in transactions between users. You must deploy all precaution, wisdom and common sense when parting with money.

Do not carry large sums of money on you. If you are buying an item which involves a large amount of money, meet and inspect the item first without the money. If you are satisfied, meet againg with the money in a bank or other secure place to pay the money. Have witnnesses arround and have them sign tenancy agreements and receipts for important payments.


(3) Look out for Stolen Items

Ask for the advertiser's evidence of title to the item being offered. This could be registration documents, receipts or other proof of purchase. They must have title to the item before they can legally sell it to you. You could verify ownership of cars and bikes through car and bike check services or the DVLA.


(4) Note down their contact details, take a receipt.

This should include Names, Residential Addresses and Telepnone Numbers; in case you need to contact them later on. Always ask for proper and well-signed receipt for every payment you make.


(5) When renting or buying properties you must view them, meet their owners, inspect proofs of ownership before handing out money. Always do not go alone. It is advisable to use accredited estate agents.


(6) Be careful of what information you give out.

Never give salient information like your credit card, bank or building society, passport or driving licence details on the internet or over the phone. Do not give such information to people you have not met or whom you have any doubts. Do not provide such information when applying for job until you are satisfied of the genuiness of the employer and have actually been employed.


(7) Investigate Job Offers before Applying.

Investigate every job offer before applying. Is it a legitimate company or business? Check it in the register of business names. Meet would-be employers face-face before accepting any offer of employment. Watch out for scam job offers including those that ask for salient information from the very beging; those that claim you will be collecting and transferring monies on behalf of a foreign business; those that claim you will be working from home cashing cheques and earning huge commisions.


(8) Use common sense.

You must watch out for common signs of scam . If something sounds too good, too cheap or too generous, treat it as suspicious. Watch out for scam job offers. A would-be employer who rushes to offer you a job wothout meeting you in person nor any form of interview is more likely a dodgy one. Obey your instincts! If you have any doubts about an advert or suspect any transaction, seek advise or do not proceed at all.