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ASU Prep South Phoenix Primary / Intermediate

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ASU Prep South Phoenix Primary / Intermediate is a nurturing and academically rigorous preparatory school located in the heart of Phoenix, AZ. Dedicated to shaping young minds from grades K-6, our focus is on cultivating a college-preparatory mindset from an early age. Students benefit from tailored IEP support and inventive STEM programs designed to encourage curiosity and critical thinking. Our Head Start program ensures even the youngest learners get the best possible beginning, while reading interventions help every child reach their full potential in literacy skills. Understanding that education extends beyond the classroom, we offer school transportation as well as free and reduced lunch programs to help support our families. As a recognized Elementary school and middle school in Phoenix, we believe every student deserves access to quality education that will lay down a strong foundation for their academic future.

Phone: 602-551-6594


United States of America
5610 S Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85040

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