SPIRITUAL MENTORS San Francisco, Spiritual Mentoring with psychic - past life - angel -astrology insights San Francisco Ca USA

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 ++ Spiritual mentoring with the aid of various holistic modalities and psychic tools. ++

Offered to you for example in San Francisco, Ca, USA, but also at any other location and this worldwide, as confidentially provided to you always only by phone, online via Skype or fully encrypted & securely via Vsee or by audio (MP3) email and not at any physical address.

 Life is often challenging and a helping and inspiring hand by your side is really beneficial.  I can offer you this as your spiritual mentor and holistic talk therapist and life coach.
 No matter whether you have a pressing life situation that you like to change,  
or whether you have questions about your life; past, present & future  
or whether you have queries about your past lives or anything else,
 or like to heal some past traumas,
 or anything else in your life.   https://mentoring.timefortalking.com  I can offer you spiritual support, answers, insights, inspiration, help, healing, guidance and a path to more happiness and inner peace.  - Extensive support 24/7.  - Phone/Online/Email contact.  - Direct help whenever you need it.  Through:   + answers to your questions   + assistance with anything you like to change or experience in your life   + insights into your past lives and traumas or skills you brought into this life   + healing from traumas   + guidance   + inspiration   + a look into your future (so you can change it to your preferences)   + and so much more.  Contact me today: https://www.timefortalking.com.
 The mentoring assists you on your path, for example: regarding your questions, about past (lives), present and future (lives), let's you remember your soul's and life's purpose, helping and assisting you to decode your life purpose & your life lessons, showing you to spiritually grow, heal traumas, work with manifestation tools like vision boards in a way that actually will manifest something in your life, as this needs to be tailored to your unique soul's blueprint, helping you to reach your goals, and achieve your dreams, guiding you through your daily life with partners (checking compatibility etc.), empowering you on your path, and so much more.  ++ Always 100% tailored to your exact and unique requirements and wishes. ++  ****So, test it for yourself and have a single spiritual mentoring consultation, which also includes psychic readings.  Though a single session won't be able to cover as much as a 1/3/6 month period could do, but you will get to know my style and what is available to you.  You can benefit from our reduced online rates and for first time buyers, too. ****  Contact me on: https://www.timefortalking.com so I can assist you as well on your path.    
 ++ Check out our YouTube channel - on topics all about spirituality: https://www.youtube.com/@LetsTalkSpirituality
 There you will also find a video on spiritual mentoring:
 ++ If you prefer to listen only, check out our Let's Talk Spirituality Podcast instead on:


San Francisco, California, United States of America
5th Avenue

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