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Have a Psychic Reading today
+ to get all of your questions answered
+ learn about your future, so you can change it, if you like
+ check your (love) compatibility with someone
+ learn about your past lives
+ understand & heal past & present
& more Offered to you for example in San Francisco, Ca, USA, but also at any other location and this worldwide, as confidentially provided to you always only by phone, online via Skype or fully encrypted & securely via Vsee or by audio (MP3) email and not at any physical address.

 A client gave the following feedback:"TFT makes me feel at home, and like I'm speaking with a Dear friend when she reads. It definitely translates to the way she handles my readings, questions, & ultimately the way we communicate. My overall experience after having several readings with TFT is: Excellent & profound readings - I have found a dependable psychic! It was easy to get an appointment scheduled, especially very promptly. The readings were very detailed, personal (compassionate, warm, encouraging etc.). TFT is able to access great depths in her readings. Readings with TimeForTalking = convenient, valuable...excellent service." You can read more testimonials on:
Contact me now on (via a live chat message)
and find out how I can assist you in your life. Or to have a Psychic Reading straight away
book your time package in the shop (

In the shop you will also be able to view the exact price. I look forward to hearing from you.
Guidance Services
~ Get Inspired ~ You can also view a video on the ethical psychic readings I can provide:


San Francisco, California, United States of America
5th Avenue

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