Embedded Linux Real-Time Ethernet Bliiot BL202 EtherCat Distributed IO Module

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BL202 coupler is a data acquisition and control system based on a powerful 32-bit microprocessor design with a Linux operating system.
The BL202 distributed I/O system consists of 3 parts: Coupler, I/O modules and terminal modules.

The communication between the node and the field devices (eg PLC) takes place via the Ethernet interface of the fieldbus coupler, and the communication between the fieldbus coupler and the I/O modules takes place via the local bus. The two Ethernet interfaces are internally integrated with a switch function, which can establish a linear topology without the need for additional switches or hubs. The system needs to use the power module to provide 24VDC system voltage and 24VDC field voltage. Since two independent power supplies are used, the field voltage input interface and system voltage input interface of BL200 series couplers are electrically isolated from each other. When assembling fieldbus node modules, each I/O module can be arranged in any combination, and it is not required to be grouped by module type.
A terminal module must be plugged into the end of a fieldbus node to ensure correctdata transmission.


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