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Fully Loaded 32 IO Modules for Remote Monitoring Modbus TCP Distributed IO Data Acquisition Modules

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BLIIOT Modbus TCP I/O System BL200 is a distributed, pluggable, and compact IO system. It supports dual Ethernet ports for switch cascade functionality and adheres to the standard Modbus TCP protocol. The Modbus TCP Coupler BL200 utilizes web-based configuration and supports up to 5 Modbus TCP clients accessing simultaneously. It is compatible with function codes 01/02/03/04/05/06/15/16 and supports a maximum of 8192 bytes for combined process data input and output. It can expand to accommodate up to 32 modules of different functionalities including DI (Digital Input), DO (Digital Output), AI (Analog Input), AO (Analog Output), thermocouples, and resistance thermometers within the M-series IO modules. The coupler uses a high-speed backplane bus and can handle up to 32 slave stations with a maximum scan cycle of 10ms when fully loaded. It features built-in diagnostic functions for real-time monitoring of IO module communication status and provides a 2000mA driving circuit for IO modules.


United States of America
Shenzhen Beilai Technology Co., Ltd.
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