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The content highlights the features and benefits of the patented Rapid Lamp® Generation 3 by Sign Lights LED, presenting it as a revolutionary LED tube designed for rapid and straightforward installation. Emphasizing its ease of use, durability, and cost-effectiveness, the product boasts UL certification, SAM listing, and suitability for damp locations, offering a solution for illuminating slim cabinets, such as menu boards, often plagued by hot spots.

These LED sign tubes are engineered to address the challenges faced by shallow sign cabinets, ensuring even light distribution with a high-quality lens that eliminates hot spots.

Offering 330-degree illumination, they cater to both new builds and retrofit installations, providing options from F-18 to F-120 sizes, with larger tubes conveniently divided into two pieces for transport and installation ease.

The Generation 3 LED sign tubes are suitable for various sign depths, water-resistant, and UL-certified for safe installation. With internal drivers, they eliminate the need for external drivers, addressing issues with bad wiring and ballasts. Installation instructions are provided, emphasizing safety precautions and specific steps for connecting the LED tubes.

LED Sign Light is positioned as a premier LED sign retrofit kit distributor, boasting over 20 years of industry experience. They emphasize their speed, quality, and commitment to excellence, serving as a manufacturer, distributor, and wholesaler of energy-efficient, maintenance-free retrofit kits that have captured a significant market share in the Southeast USA.

Their reputation as the fastest LED sign lighting distributor stems from their readiness to deliver and maintain stocked supplies, earning unwavering confidence from customers seeking LED sign retrofit solutions.

In summary, the content effectively markets the Rapid Lamp® Generation 3 as a highly innovative LED solution, addressing specific challenges related to slim sign cabinets, while Sign Lights LED positions itself as a reliable, experienced distributor offering superior retrofit kits and demonstrating a commitment to customer satisfaction and product excellence.


Anderson, South Carolina, United States of America
111 Preamble Ct., Anderson, SC 29621
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