Caravan SWIFT

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Added: 15 June 2021
Category: Camping & Hiking
Location: Mercer Island
$ 870 870 $

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Material steel
Skill intermediate
State Used
Condition Bad


A registered SWIFT STERLING caravan for sale. Complete equipment plus TENT (vestibule) !!! GVW 805 kg.
Produced in 1995.
Never crashed, it will certainly serve someone for many, many years.
The trailer is dry, tight, double windows, all locks, locks for lockers work.
Very practical interior layout:
On the left side there is a large living room in which, after folding the table, there is a place to sleep. On the right side, two beds, one downstairs, the second bunk !! The trailer is quiet for 5 people


Mercer Island, Washington, United States of America
9115 Fortuna Dr, Mercer Island, Washington(WA)
Created by
Uptechunt Official (10)
3.00 ( 2 votes )

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