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Fast 'n Go Compression Bandages have been a life saver for so many people suffering from lymphedema, we just had to share what medical professionals  patients are saying about these innovative bandages!

“I have a patient with moderate stage 2 post mastectomy lymphedema. She is 55yrs old and a respiratory therapist at a busy hospital. She was very concerned about having to keep her standard multi layer bandaging system on after leaving her work day. The fast n go has been a wonderful alternative to traditional bandaging for this patient. She is able to don and doff the system easily and can wash it when she gets home from work. The Fast n Go is a wonderful alternative for our busy and on the go population!”

Brandy Mckeown OTR/L, CLT-LANA, CLWT

“I can't say enough good things about the fast n' go bandages!!! They've made managing my lymphedema a lot easier because the material is so comfortable. I'm able to keep them on for 15+ hrs which I found difficult to do with traditional bandages. They're effective & comfortable, both things I've always wanted in bandages & now I have them! :)”
Hardeep Kaur

If you'd like to learn more about Fast 'n Go, visit Rivera Method online or Rivera Hybrid Solutions on Facebook.

Reading this wonderful review on Fast 'n Go by Jo Rising filled our hearts with joy!

Check out the full review here:

You may also be eligible to purchase these compression bandages through your insurance, contact us for more information.

Prices start at $150

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